GM roller bin and bottle washing equipment

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You can even make the washing possible indirectly with the help of roller slope section in the delivery truck. Movement of the bins happens via the roller on the full lenght of the device. With it’s help, loading is made easier and faster, and this way only washed bottles arrive in the facility. The roller track makes washing much easier and more effective by providing little space between the bins.

 Inner flushing                 Inner flushing can be operated on a panel. We can controll the amount of filled into the bottles, this way any small amount of water can be filled in the bottles. With the help of the piston feeder you can add sanitiser, depending on wether you want to flush only or you want to fertilise as well.

 Washing the outside of bins   The conveyor and washer starts with an inductive sensor at the push of a button. For one start, it moves forward as much as one bin. Stopping is done by a sensor placed in the drainage section. The movement of the bins is provided by the continuous movement of the conveyor belt.

As the bins move forward on the conveyor belt. the device does the washing in three phases:

  • pre – soaking,
  • chemical washing, finally
  • flushing

Drainage section            The outer washing is followed by the drainage section, which is built in together with the outer washing, and this is the final phase of the outer – inner washing. The sensor placed in the drainage section senses the next bin and stops the conveyor belt in the right position. Drainage is done by a pneumatic cylinder. The drainage section – just like the inner washing – can be adjusted as you like.

The equipment is officially approved. It is suitable for washing variously high bins. The re-adjustment of the device has to be done by the operator staff in order to fit for the different height of bins. Dirt collected during the washing can be quickly and easily cleaned from the pick-up tray.

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Main elements of roller conveyor washer:

Main dimensions of the equipment:
Lenght 3040 millimeters
Width 600 millimeters
Height 1270 millimeters
Performance of the device 600-800 bins/hour
Weight of device 108 kg
Liquid connectors G 1/2”
Air connectors Ø6 quick connector
Electricity need 380V, 50 Hz
Touch protection rating Protective earthing
Matter of device 1.4301 DIN (KO33 MSZ),POM, PVC, PP, Silicone rubberPolyethylene tube