19-liter balloon washer, filler and capper

Balloon washer, filler and capper

The equipment is suitable for washing, filling and closing of 19 liter balloons.

The equipment is semi-automatic and consists of two phases: In the first stage, the operator inserts the balloon to be washed. Washing begins with the lid closing. The balloon is cleaned by rotating the unit inside and outside by a high pressure water jet, to which a disinfectant is added with a separate metering pump. You can control the duration of a session by setting a time controller. During the first washing process, disinfection is happening and then the rinsing of the disinfectants are being done with clean water.
After washing, the clean balloon is moved by the operator to the filling section, the bottom of which is a roller table. From then on, the rest of the process will be automatic. The balloon is positioned under the filling cylinder by a pneumatic cylinder controlled by a sensor. A built-in roller sensor helps position the balloon and provides a signal for the quantity of water to be added. Using a capacitive sensor positioned in a suitable position, the charge level is controlled.
The next washed, displaced, and perceived balloon will only begin to feed after the previous balloon has been filled up. Forced movement moves the filled balloon under the capsule and attaches the cap so that the balloon is stopped at the end of the forced movement under a pneumatic cylinder. This cylinder performs the closing of the balloon. At the end of the process, filled and sealed balloons leave the equipment on a roller track. With up to 100 ballons per hour.

Other informations:

The water needs to be washed with 6 second cycles of 3 liters, for rinsing with 4 second  cycles of 2 liters. The unit is equipped with an UV 4000 water treatment unit for passing through the balloon.

The main parameters of the Comix® MT-19 l balloon washer, filler and capper
Maximum height 1780mm
Maximum width 1440mm
Maximum depth 650mm
Washer-filler height 980mm
Washer- Filler width 1440mm
Washer-Filler depth 530mm
Performance of the unit 80-100 balloons/hour
Mass of the unit 56kg
fluid Connections 2 x C 1”
air consumption 150 l/h, 8 bar
air connection C ¼” internal thread
Voltage, frequency 230V, 50Hz
Touch Protection Rating Protective earthing
Engine performance 0,55kW
Material of the equipment 1.4301 DIN (KO33 MSZ)
Silicone rubberPolyethylene tube


Balloon storage stand

Balloon storage stand

A pair of balloon storage stands for the transport and storage of 8 balloons per item, which can be expanded with any number of items.

The scaffold can also be transported or stored on pallets.

It fits exactly on the 1000 x 1200 mm pallet.

4 elements at height 32 balloons weighs approx. 710 kg, scaffolding height 1500 mm.

5 elements at height 40 balloons weighs approx. 880 kg, the height of the scaffold is 1800 mm.

The stand is made of galvanized steel, its load capacity is extremely high, its appearance is aesthetic, meets the hygienic storage requirements. Balloons can be easily inserted or removed in the rack.

Dimensions of the stands:

1000 x 1200 x 330 mm

Mounting dimensions:

1000 x 1200 x 305 mm

The weights of the stands:

3 soles: 1.7 kg

The stand is 11 kg

The barrier element is 4.2 kg

The weight of the pallet is about 19 kg

For palletized storage, one stand can be placed on the other and can be mounted up to 3 pallets high.

Balloon storage stand

The assembly of the stands can be easily modified depending on the size of the truck, enabling full space use.

The stability and good carrying capacity of the scaffold makes it possible to fit on to the height of the storage room to any height on or without a pallet.

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