Semi-automatic closure bottler

Semi-automatic closure bottling line

The Comix bottling plant is equally suitable for bottles of carbonated and carbon free liquids. It is suitable for filling volumes of different volumes according to the programmable volume of liquid dispensing.

The charging heads are driven by pneumatics, the charging process is controlled by a microprocessor. The unit can be easily programmed according to the volume of cylinders to be filled, in any quantity, with a precision of 0.1 cm3.




There is a 35 liter liquid dispenser, pressure vessel on the bottle stand. In the case of bottles of non-carbonated liquid, a pump will first use the liquid to be filled. From there, it is constantly pressurized to the filling heads.

With adjustable delayed throttle, liquid extrusion can be prevented.

Bottler with 8 heads

In the case of carbonated soft drinks, bottling of mineral water, a carbon dioxide absorbing equipment is required, which can be connected to the bottler. In this case, the saturator transfers the soda water to the working pressure and passes it to the liquid distributor and pressure compensation vessel at a pressure of 6 bar.

When making a soft drink, the final head on the bottling rack is used to add the syrup to the carbonated water. The charge cycle is fast and accurate.

The bottling equipment is made for individual order with any number of filling heads

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