P5 type 5-head bottler with capper


The equipment is suitable for gas recirculation and drainage tank filling and combinations thereof. Thanks to its built-in mixing plate, it is possible to charge materials with different consistency. For example: pressed fibrous liquids, juices, syrups, soft drinks.

For liquids absorbed by gases, it is capable of bottling oxygenated water, carbonated water, carbonated soft drinks and sparkling wines by means of gas recirculation by controlled valve operation.

Closure of the bottles with the cap is ensured by a screwdriver capped screwdriver fitted with the cylinder.

The quantity to be filled in the bottle can be optionally changed with time control. The machine is recommended for 0.2 to 2.5 liters capacity.

The equipment may optionally be ordered with or without a mixer depending on the product to be bottled.

Technical description


height: 2100 mm

width: 2000 mm

depth: 500 mm

Weight: 140 kg

Electricity demand: 400 V 50Hz 16A;


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