Comix Steamy sleeve label shrinking tunnel

Size of equipment: length: 2355 millimeters

height: 1418 millimeters  +  steam absorber

depth: 500 millimeters


Technical parameters:

  1. Steam generator with 40 liters boiler body:

·      3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

·      33 KW heating performance

·      46 kg steam/hour

  • mechanical waterfilter, magnetic water treatment,
  • motorized water pump, 2-gear performance switch,
  • operating steam pressure: 5 bars

with 1/2 ’’ steam plug

  1. Steam tunnel with conveyor:

0,9 kW

  1. Steam extracting fan:

0,25 kW

Elements of equipment: steam generator, transporting intermittent cabin, which functions as a shrink tunnel, and a steam extracting fan.

Steam spraying can be adjusted in 3 stages, this way you can achieve the optional shrinking.

The incoming steam can be adjusted with pressure setting and a throttle valved- quantity regulation.

The speed of the belt can be adjusted with the changing of the power unit frequency.

Steam leaking out of the steam cabin will be collected by steam extracting fan, which is built on the machine.

The steam tunnel can sleeve label from 500 up to 3000 bottles per hour.

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