FM type rotating tray, wrapping washer


Rotary trays are primarily recommended for smaller plants due to their lower performance. You can clean up 60 compartments per hour.

Washing takes place in two phases: the first phase is a soaked detergent wash followed by rinsing.

One of the great advantages of the wiping was that the same operator could carry out washing and filling. While the operator is charging, the machine will wash. Launch / stop washing can be done by closing / unlocking the lid. Washing is not limited by control, so it can become more effective.

The detergent is water and energy-saving. A 1500W water heater is installed in the washer, so a thermostat can be used to control the temperature of the washing water.

Washing is carried out through 20 nozzles. The wrapping in the laundry is rotated by a directed jet of water. The nozzles are spaced in the wash area so that all surfaces of the compartment and bottles are thoroughly washed away with lukewarm detergent water to make washing even more effective.


With small space-saving tiny wheels, you can move it at any time.

Due to the design of the washer – rotating tray – it is also suitable for washing several kinds of compartments.



Technical datas

Main dimensions of the unit: Comix® FM
Maximum length 500mm
Maximum width 500mm
Maximum height 1270mm
Performance of the unit 60 compartments per hour
Mass of the unit 65 kg
fluid Connections G 1/2 “hose
Electricity demand 230V, 50Hz, 2kW
Touch Protection Rating IP65
Material of the equipment 1.4301 DIN (KO33 MSZ), Makrolon, PVC, PP


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