Hot water sleeve label shrinker



Sleeve label shrinker

The sleeve label shrinks do not come into contact with food, so there is no need for special permission to operate the shrink.

When developing it, we mainly kept in mind the needs of small-scale soda water  manufacturers.

With the appliance, approx. 2000 bottles can be labeled.

Thanks to the favorable price, the sleeve labeling technology can be used by small businesses. For example: sparkling wines, wines, champagnes, soft drinks, or even detergents labeling.

Construction: Double-wall insulated stainless steel tank with built-in 1200w power heating insert, with a guard grid above the heating isnert.

Operation: The operator fills the tank with water and connects to the 230 volt network. Press the power button to energize the heater insert. Put the sleeve on the bottles, and when the water begins to bubble with a small spark, you can start dipping. This operation must be carried out continuously to avoid the over-boiling of water.

The sleeve label is shrink-wrapped with a double wall, so it can be operated with less power and is therefore safe from a work safety point of view.

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