Miniature gas absorber and bottler equipment


Miniature soda-filling equipment

The miniature soda-filling equipment is capable of low volume liquid cooling, gasification- primarily carbon dioxide- and bottling through a filling head to siphon bottles in a small area.

The miniature carbon dioxide absorbing and bottling equipment provides solutions for producing a variety of carbonated products; sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine, champagne, almonds, splashes and carbonated soft drinks.

All of this in a small area and with a small investment!

The equipment can be ordered with 2 filling heads, which is optional.

Performance: 200 liters/hour

20170117_142236                                                   Miniature soda-filling equipment


Height of equipment:                                       1400mm

Width of equipment:                                        700mm

Depth of equipment:                                        650mm

Volume of the absorbing tank:                         1.8 liter

Number of pumps / Performance:                    2 pieces 120 l/h

Fluid connection snag:                                      NA8

Gas connection snag:                                        NA6

Compressed air connection:                              NA6

Compressed air need:                                        6 bar

Power requirement, with cooler and absorber:    10l/hkW

Voltage, frequency:                                            230V, 50 Hz

Insulation of the electrical cabinet:                    IP54

Touch protection rating of the equipment:         Protective grounding

Material of the equipment:                                  1.4301 DIN (KO33 MSZ), POM,Silicon rubber


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