Siphon headed bottle inner washer-rinser in a 1-head version

20150914_111217Siphon headed bottle inside washing


The siphon cylinder internal washer and rinser is suitable for internal scrubbing of styrofoam bottles according to official regulations.


For siphon bottles, proper internal cleaning and disinfection is essential due to food hygiene regulations. For this purpose we have designed our bottle’s internal washer-rinsing equipment, which is small in space and productive.

First of all, it is suitable for use with soda bottles, but it also makes bottles of siphon refillable even when refreshing or splashing.


It has 900 to 1200 bottles per hour per hour.


Optionally, a chemical dispenser can be mounted on it.

Bottle inner washer

Description of the equipment:

It is operated by electrically controlled pneumatics, so that compressed air is required to operate at 6 bar constant pressure min. 150 l / h.

The charging head design is the same as that of the automatic charging stand. The surplus is that we have mounted a piston feed pump mounted on the head, operated by the feed roller. Thus, the piston of the chemical tank placed on the rack at each stroke supplies the same amount of detergents to the inflow rinsing water. In order to achieve the internal pressure required for evacuation, the excess gas controlled by the exfoliation branch can be passed into the bottles. To increase productivity, the starter sensor is placed in the siphon head clamping adapter, so the insertion of the siphon head starts the rinsing cycle, which is only 3-4 seconds.

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