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Siphon-head bottle washer line

The siphon-head bottle washer equipment is a semi-automatic filling and washing line which has a roller converyor belt, has rotating brushes with three phases and is capable of emptying and washing both the inside and outside of the siphon-head bottles.

Operational description:

The roller conveyor belt has two phases. The first phase breaks up into three phases of washing:

1.) In the first phase, an internal rinse is carried out by an operator. The operator puts the bottles in the internal rinse, which by the addition of excess gas to the inside of the bottles pours the soda water from the absorbent. The amount of gas can be controlled.

The rinse accessory is a plus piston dispenser that can be used to control a controlled amount of chemicals. The bottles flushed with the corresponding amount of chemical water are placed on the conveyor belt by the operator. The conveyor belt enters the washing tunnel and passes the bottles through strong water jets – into the pre-soaking phase.

Termékkép 039

Outer washing of the bottles

2.) Coming to the next phase, the machine also supplies a strong water jet with a machine detergent from four directions to the bottles, while efficiently cleansing through the rapidly rotating brushes by rotating the bottles and tapping their entire surface.

Termékkép 025

Brush equipped washing phase

3.) The third phase also rinses the outer surface of the bottles with a strong water jet.

Termékkép 031

Brush equipped washing phase

3.) The third phase also rinses the outer surface of the bottles with a strong water jet.

 Rinsing phase


On the first conveyor section, the effective external washing is completed. The bottles arrive at the second conveyor section by holding the bottles, whereby the equipment, with the help of a roller detector, gives the quantity of (7) bottles to the drainage section.

Drainage section

A throttle gate is used to position the bottles and stop the tape. At that time, a pneumatically operated drain head closes onto the siphon heads and opens the syringe actuator arm and drains the rinsing water from the inside of the bottles. The drainage section can be controlled by time control. When it is finished, the door is opened and a sensor calculates the bottles (7), then the gate is closed and the process is repeated automatically.

The length of the conveyor belt for the siphon head washer was manufactured to suit the needs.


Termékkép 027


Filling of siphon head bottles

Going further, the track will carry the bottles to the filling person where filling and stacking happens.

The total power of the siphon head cylinder line, powered by two people, ranges from 800 to 1200 bottles per hour


Main sizes of the unit:
Maximum length 5000mm
Maximum width 1200 mm
Maximum height 1650 mm
Performance of the equipment 1200 bottles per hour
Weight of the equipment 130 kg
Air connection Ø6 quick connector (6 bar = 0.6 MPa working pressure)
Electricity demand 380V, 50Hz, 2.5kW
Touch Protection Rating Protective earth
Material of the equipment 1.4301 DIN (KO33 MSZ), POM, PVC, PP, Silicone rubber Polyethylene tube



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