Type SZ1800 carbone dioxid absorbing equipment

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Carbon dioxide absorbing family

Type Sz 900 carbon dioxide absorber

900 liter / hour, reliable, economically efficient carbon dioxide absorber. Since the soda water is not made in a conventional absorbing tank, but in a pipe section under constant pressure – with special injector carbon dioxide injection – there is no need for a large container. The space requirement for the equipment is small and the quality of the produced water is excellent. Sizes of the equipment: 500 x 500 x 1200 mm.

Type Sz 1800 carbon dioxide absorber

The 1,800 liter / hour equipment is made with two motors and pumps with double gas feed. The performance of the equipment is increased proportionally with the soda water removal. For 900 liters per hour, only one engine and pump is running and with bigger amount, two of each will be running. This makes the equipment economical and reliable.

Devices can be combined with each other on demand with parallel control, resulting in virtually thousands of liters of hourly power, with maximum operational safety.

Saturators are easy to handle. They can produce high-quality soda water from harder and chilly water. The control of the flow of gas can also be easily done by the operator of the system, thereby correcting the change in the quality of the soda water due to the change in water temperature. However, it is important to properly pre-filter and clean the water.

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