Water treatment

Basic industrial needs include the use of properly purified water, but it is indispensable to use professional water treatment equipment.

(on the left) Capillary ultrafilter (on the right) Reverse osmosis water filter

Special filtering technologies

The water treatment of the liquid is carried out by an UV de-icing device installing into the network or installing it to the equipment


UV de-icing installed to the equipment                     UV de-icing installed to the network

Active carbon chlorine absorber with mechanical pre- and after filtration

The most modern capillary ultrafiltration filters, whose filtration technology performs mechanical bacterological filtration.


Capillary ultrafiltration

Water cooler equipments and tanks

The water cooler is suitable for reducing the temperature of 1000 liters of liquid by 10 ° C.

The equipment can be ordered with any performance on request.

Coolers and tanks

Polypropylene water tank

1000 liter water tank